• Uphold Traⓓⓔ

    In addition to a unique trading experience, Uphold login offers a cashback debit card that allows customers to make payments using assets they hold on the platform. For instance, a user might choose to pay with crypto or fiat currency.

    Uphold supports close to 100 cryptocurrencies, including Uphold currently has over 1.7 million users and over $2 .5 billion in its current financial reserve.

    Cryptocurrencies Available on Uphold

    Currently, Uphold nearly 100 currencies for users to buy, sell, and trade on its platform. Available cryptocurrencies include:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Etherium (ETH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ripple (XRP) 
    • Chainlink (Link)
    • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
    • Iota (MIOTA)

    Trade Experience

    Uphold offers a user-friendly trading experience, and customers can make trades via its desktop platform or mobile apps, which are available both on Android or iOS. The user interface is intuitive for those who are new to making trades, which could make it a good option for those just getting started with crypto.

    Unlike many competitors, Uphold offers the ability to trade within asset classes, making this platform stand out. Users may also set up recurring purchases using Uphold’s AutoPilot option, which uses help mitigate some of the volatility of trading in the cryptocurrency market. However, this platform only offers one order type: limit orders. Those looking for additional or more advanced order types will want to look elsewhere. Furthermore, the platform doesn't have advanced charting and other features that are often desired by some traders.